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My name is Mario Houben. I’m a freelance sports and action events photographer based in Miami - Florida, with more than 35 years of photography and creative experience. Born in Bielefeld, Germany. I'm fluent in English, German, and Spanish.


I began taking photography courses in school at thirteen, and I got my first paid assignments at the age of sixteen. At that time I was developing and processing my own B&W photos.


As a competitive tennis player myself I adopted an early passion for tennis photography. For many years I covered national and international tournaments, for event promoters, sponsors, and ad agencies.


During my college years, at the age of twenty-one, I was hired to cover a major performance of the renowned Venezuelan singer: José Luis Rodríquez, at the Madison Square Garden of New York. He was becoming quickly a phenomenal international artist. That particular event led to a major change in my life. I began an almost four-year journey as the artist's personal photographer, traveling extensively throughout the United States, Latin America, and Europe. I covered all concerts and special events as a photojournalist, as well as studio photography work for music albums and magazine covers. I was also responsible for the editing, organization, and distribution of photographic material to over two hundred international magazines and newspapers.


In 1985 I opened Interphoto Productions Inc., a commercial/advertising photography studio. I owned the business for twenty-five years. I adopted quickly the early stages of digital imaging and design. I acquired the first Apple/Mac station in 1991. With close ties to the music industry, by the mid-nineties I had evolved into a leading music-packaging photographer, graphic designer, and later, as an art director. I specialized in developing artwork campaigns for new album releases for some of the most recognized latin-american recording artists, including three international album campaigns for Julio Iglesias. For more than fifteen years, I served and worked closely with the major international recording labels such as Sony Music International, PolyGram, BMG, and Universal Music.


In 2010, I re-discovered my early passion for photography. This led quickly to sports and action photography -  especially tennis. The fascinating new developments of high-tech digital photography, sophisticated post-processing tools, and super fast computers, ignited my curiosity. My 35+ years of history and experience with photography, and so many years of digital imaging and graphic design work, played a major role in adapting quickly to this new and ever evolving technology.


The journey and development these last few years has been a passionate and fulfilling experience. I have covered a countless number of events, working consistently in refining techniques with the best photo equipment and digital imaging tools available in today's market. It has been my goal to reach the high-quality images expected by the most prestigious photo and media agencies. My photos have been widely acquired and published in the USA and internationally, as well as professional sports organizations and colleges throughout the USA.


I appreciate you reading thus far and taking the time to review my work. Please do get in touch with your needs by visiting my CONTACT page. I know how to deliver high quality photography for the project you may have.


I'm looking forward to hearing from you!